The role of Technical and Vocational University in the development of skill training and job creation



Considering the everincreasing importance of skill training in the present era as well as interaction between skills and the acquisition of jobs the Ministry of Science has put forward a new mission for universities by addressing this issue and training the new generation to focus on skill training Henceforth universities such as the Technical and Vocational University has accepted the responsibility of developing skills training Thus they set forth their longterm plan in accordance with the defined mission and proceed with skills training development This research investigates the importance of skills training and the way to achieve these training Through literature review and field studies (ie giving a questionnaire to 130 of university professors and authorities in technical and vocational universities) the extent of the skillcenteredness of university education and the contribution of these training to employment were investigated The resulted showed that by updating the syllabus to match the needs of the relevant industry; increasing the number of practical courses undergraduate fields of study and professors experience in skills training; attracting big names in industries; creating virtual mode of education careerbased education and businessrelated training; creating fields of study that are both uptodate and industrydemanded the vocational and technical university will fulfill its goal which is training skillbased workforce